Friday, October 9, 2009

Texas State Fair 2009 (Or the day we ate Fried Butter)

We had a great time at the Texas State Fair last week. AJ's favorite was the Bubble House, which she did twice. Plus, I am a sucker for fair food. Remember? My favorite this year, Fried Peaches and Cream:

We also gave the Fried Butter a try (how can you not?):

It was actually pretty good. Nevermind that you increase your risk of heart-attack by 5000%

The Bubble House

Feeding the animals

Craig nearly got his eyes pecked out by this ostrich

Little Hands On The Farm

AJ got picked to go up on stage for the puppet show

Me and AJ with Big Tex

Check out these creepy photos! Craig and AJ went on the scary funhouse ride, but these pictures look scary, don't they?!

The view from the skyway that goes over the fair

And lucky us... we get to do it all over again this weekend after Mary Poppins.

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Glory Watts said...

Chanda! Why didn't you invite us to come along?? We have tickets for the State Fair that we have just been waiting to use. Did you mention that you are going to Mary Poppins and then to the State Fair again?? Or did I misunderstand that? We need to hang out with you guys more often, you have all the fun!!

Was their a deep fried "light" butter option? If so, then I might consider trying it :)