Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord, Orgasbord, Orgasbord

Ahh, the State Fair. The one a day a year I can consume enough calories to feed a small country and NOT feel guilty about it. (The other several days of the year when I eat that much, I feel the pangs.) But not at the fair. This year, it was all business. I got online ahead of time, looked up what ridiculously fattening foods would be available, wrote down a list and took it with me. I'm please to announce that I ate all but one and I've never felt more pleased with myself. I guess my high school guidance counselor was right - goals ARE important!

Here's my delicious list:

Corn Dog - right out of the gate...

Cheese curds - honestly, I REALLY wish I was munching on some of these right now...

Fried Guacamole - these would make a great party treat (at a Get Fat Now party)...

Fried Cookie Dough - this was Craig's favorite, and rightfully so. Friggin' good...

Roasted Corn - A vegetable; yeah healthy me... (ahem, please disregard the butter soaked paper towel)

Fried Banana Pudding - a little slice of heaven...

And why not wash it down with a big 'ole glass of fresh homemade lemonade...

And some cotton candy...

And popcorn.

That right folks - no guilt. It only comes once a year and I love it! The only depression I'm feeling is from the one thing I didn't get around to. Even in my glutinous behavior, I was too full (sick) to stomach the Fried Frito Burrito. Oh you heard me right - FRIED FRITO BURRITO! (I'm such a pansy!) I'm totally regretting it now. I should have just taken my chances. Well, there's always next year. 364 days and counting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I may be biased...

But think my child may be a genius. Sure, she may say funny things that make me laugh. Like:

We had a bowl of mangos on the table. She brought one to me and said "Mom, can I eat this flamango?

All of a sudden she thinks when cats meow, they are saying "Smell" but it sounds more like "smeeeyl". She got a cat costume for Halloween. She walks around practicing "smeeeyl, smeeeyl, smeeeyl."

She can sing every word of "Good Morning Baltimore" from Hairspray. I'm not exagerating - THE WHOLE SONG!

She grabbed my (ahem) love handle and said "What's these?" Since she's (almost) a genius, I corrected her and said "You say "What's this" - after all, she was only squeezing one.

We actually had a successful use of the potty last night (I'm telling you GEN-IUS!) OK, so it's the first success in months, but it was a gifted moment for me.

I hope everyone knows that I'm joking about her Mensa status, but all that aside, she did do something that blew me away last night. I was sketching some stuff for her room and she had some paper and markers and was sitting on the floor beside me. I wasn't paying much attention to what she was doing, but she stood up and handed me a paper and said "Look mom, I made a kitty." This is it.

My two year old! Drew this! All by herself! I'm sure nobody thinks it's as amazing as I do, but I was flabergasted that my child, who up until this point has only scribbled circles, actually drew a legible cat. For a few moments, I was the proud momma of a child "genius". Then she moved the paper in front of my face and said "smeeeyl."

Monday, October 8, 2007

Rainbow Connection

There was a beautiful rainbow out tonight after the storm and AJ spotted it. I was so excited, not just because she could actually see and recognize it, but because she was SOOO excited about it. She was naming off all the colors and had this look on her face for 10 minutes.

It was so cute!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BYU - Not As Good as They Once Was

So much for having time for my multiple new posts - AJ's sick now. So here's another quickie.

Craig's brother Paul flew in a couple weeks ago and he and Craig went to the BYU game in Oklahoma. The went up early and did the whole tailgating thing and spent the night after the game. Unfortunately they lost, but Craig said they still had a good time. They had front row seats and Craig even stopped to take pictures for my blog, and I wasn't even there to pressure him into it. And to think, it only took 8 years to train him...

He may make fun of me and my girlfriends and our crazy nights out, but we are never seen in public wearing matching T-shirts. Seriously!

And speaking of seriously, I loved the Grey's Anatomy season premier. The teaser previews had me freaking out thinking Derick was going to end up with Meredith's sister. That show would have been so over (at least for me.) But alas, they heeded my telepathic warnings. Ahh... so glad it's fall again.