Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boots - It's a Love/Hate Relationship

I love boots. So so happy they are in this fall. On the OUTSIDE of your jeans, so you can love them in all their leather glory. But finding the right ones? It's safe to say that the perfect casual brown boot has become my nemeses.

I bought a version of these about 5 years ago, justifiying the cost by saying that it was a staple, a classic look, THESE will be a lifetime in my closet.

So I ordered them. AND THEY KILL MY FEET. I now only wear them when I don't have to walk more than 50 yards in an evening. Which is pretty much never.

So this year, I wanted a more casual brown boot to wear over my jeans. When I saw THESE online,

I loved them, but didn't want to pay even that much, unless I had to. So I looked around - ALOT. Couldn't find anything. Finally resigned myself to the idea of spending more on brown boots and went to buy them. Walked in, saw them sitting there - as beautiful in real life as in the catalog, tried them on and...

they looked ridiculous. My feet looked like little round knobs. I don't know if the toe was too round or what, but the ankles were baggy - everything was just WRONG. And these were my back-up boots. My go-to-if-I-can't-find-any-other-boots boots. Then I was really perturbed.

So I finally settled for these, which I like a lot,

but they don't make my heart thumpity-thump.

Also picked up these which I think are fun.

Target is always my trusty friend.
Have you seen any great boots out there I should know about?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Tunesday: Mika

This new album is GREAT! Buy it now and spunk up your fall today.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009


I saw this on TV at the gym yesterday and about fell off the treadmill.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm In Love

With my daughter.

(A.J., self-portrait)

Is it weird that my child is quickly growing into my best friend? I don't know when it happened, but she suddenly stopped being a drag to take everywhere and now I actually LIKE shopping with her. I PREFER her. She is fun and makes me happy and actually has pretty good taste, for a four year old.

After I picked her up from preschool, we spent the day today perusing around antique shops and browsing boutiques.

We even stopped for some refreshment at a charming cupcake shop. (A.J. had strawberry; mine was chocolate with mint buttercream icing and crushed Andes mints on top - SO GOOD!)

It was a fantastic day. I love that little girl. I am grateful to live such a blessed life and that she's part of it. Check out my great finds:

2 frames for A.J.'s room (yes it's STILL in the works)

Some fun new jewelry

And my new favorite thing EVER...

I have been on the never-ending-lookout for something new to hang my necklaces on. They were getting too jumbled on my current piece, plus to take one off, sometime you would have to take 5-6 off from in front of it. NOT ANY MORE - YAHOO!



Each necklace can hang on its own little leaf. Plus it has a bird. Ya, I'm still on the bird thing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Laughter - The Best Medicine

We have had a pretty rough weekend around here. But somehow, AJ can get us laughing no matter what. Tonight, Craig took her on a quick motorcycle ride. The conversation went something like this:

DAD: Make sure you hold on tight.
AJ: Don't worry Dad, I'll just hold on to your fat.
DAD: (Akward silence - thinking "did she really just say that?")
AJ: So Dad, why are you so fat?
DAD: Well, I guess because I eat too much.
AJ: But you were fat before dinner.
DAD: (More akward silence - only the sound of self-esteem being crushed by a four year old.)