Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm In Love

With my daughter.

(A.J., self-portrait)

Is it weird that my child is quickly growing into my best friend? I don't know when it happened, but she suddenly stopped being a drag to take everywhere and now I actually LIKE shopping with her. I PREFER her. She is fun and makes me happy and actually has pretty good taste, for a four year old.

After I picked her up from preschool, we spent the day today perusing around antique shops and browsing boutiques.

We even stopped for some refreshment at a charming cupcake shop. (A.J. had strawberry; mine was chocolate with mint buttercream icing and crushed Andes mints on top - SO GOOD!)

It was a fantastic day. I love that little girl. I am grateful to live such a blessed life and that she's part of it. Check out my great finds:

2 frames for A.J.'s room (yes it's STILL in the works)

Some fun new jewelry

And my new favorite thing EVER...

I have been on the never-ending-lookout for something new to hang my necklaces on. They were getting too jumbled on my current piece, plus to take one off, sometime you would have to take 5-6 off from in front of it. NOT ANY MORE - YAHOO!



Each necklace can hang on its own little leaf. Plus it has a bird. Ya, I'm still on the bird thing.


Jonni said...

I love those frames! I'm constantly looking for some like that.

Leslie said...

where is that fun shopping place? i wanna go! :)

Rochelleht said...

SOOOO cute! Where's the cupcake shop? I need me one of those. What a fun day.

Chanda said...

Leslie and Rochelle - Old town Keller. The cupcake shop is on Olive Street.

Laurie said...

No I'm not surprised as she's one of my favorite people too! She's adorable and such an old soul. Lucky duck! And your new accessories are fab of course.