Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Jolly Holiday With Mary

On Saturday we went to the Mary Poppins Broadway Musical. It was really great. This was AJ's first theatre experience, and she loved it. I think she was a little ancy at the end, but that's a long time to sit still for a four-year-old. But when it was over, she wanted to see it again. She also insited that she would fall over dead if she didn't have the Mary Poppins umbrella and since her umbrella just broke, we caved (SUCKAS!). Can't say I regret it. It hasn't left her hands since.


glory said...

How awesome! I love Mary Poppins! Did Craig get the tickets through Bell? Too Fun!

Chanda said...

No, can he?! Do you know something I don't?!

Glory Watts said...

Paul told me he thought he could, but maybe he saw something else. Who knows, I'll have to have him check it out.