Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Book Orders - one of the highlites of my childhood. When the teacher would pass out the flyers, (and grouchily tell us to immediately put them in our backpacks) I would anxiously fidget until I could race home and spend hours combing through them with my trusty highlighter. The only thing better? The following Friday when I would enter the classroom and find a stack of glossy new books waiting on my desk. True bliss.

Even still, coming home with a heavy bag from Barnes and Noble tops my list. So imagine my shear delight when A.J. came home from school with her first book order. And I may have been a little teary-eyed when she whipped out a highlighter and started circling.


Anonymous said...


Your so funny. I love reading your blog. Just so you know, I read it every day so I can know what you guys are up to. Give A.J. a spanken' for me. Kristi.

aurora said...

That's so fun!! Gotta love those book orders.
I feel so deprived...we didn't have them when I was a kid back when dinos roamed the earth--or maybe it was a Canadian thing... Anyway, I live vicariously through my kiddos b/c I love a trip to B&N or 1/2 Price Book to brighten my day, too.

Rochelleht said...

I always ordered posters of kittens and puppies with my book orders. Oh, and lame comic books like Garfield.

Yes, I always hated cats. Apparently, I didn't recognize the felines in their kitten and Garfield costumes.

Kris said...

Like mother like daughter...:) I do have to agree with you. I still to this day get all the grades book orders and love going through them and making my order. My collection is patiently waiting for grandkids! :):)

marissa said...

oh my gosh I used to LOVE book orders