Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mama "Me"-a

Went to a late-night screening of Mamma Mia with the girls last night. LOVED IT!!!!! Can't wait to see it again - seriously. I love ABBA. I loved the musical. And now, I love the movie. Definetely see it with friends if you can, and DO stay until the end of the credits. ;)

Meryl Streep is (as always) most impressive and can sing (who knew?!) Her costar, former 007-Brosnan, although easy on the eyes, is not so musically inclined (awkward!)

Dominic Cooper - yummy;

in fact the whole scuba flipper dance scene, probably something I could watch 872 times and not be bored. (I love you Craig)

Good ole' Mr. Darcy is charming and funny

while these two really made the movie (much like in the musical).

They were totally hilarious.

I feel a Halloween costume coming on...


Rochelleht said...

I liked the musical for its music. The plot is pretty lame, but it sounds like the movie is able to overcome it?

You guys keep having fun without me! I'm starting to feel a little jealous. Except that Katri comes today so it's all good! ;-)

Chanda said...

NO - same lame plot. I love it!

Tanja said...

Haven't seen it yet, but definately will be going with the girls. Ryan says it's most definately a "chick-flick" even with 007-Brosnan man!

aurora said...

Looks like tons of fun!
And the scrapbook retreat with all of those movies looks like a blast, too! Love the picture of your two sweeties at the end. :)

Laurie said...

That was such a fun night! I'm so glad you brought your CD so we could get in character for the movie.

Too bad, so sad for all those people who didn't stay until the end. Although, do you think we had anything to do with that? hmmm.

Amy said...

I am so excited to see it... I have got to ditch my man and hook up with the gay neighbors. They took me to Hairspary last summer and they are on for Mama Mia this summer... I love my neighbors!

Anne Thompson said...

Oooh, I totally want to see this movie. It was my hubs' 30th bday today and we were going to see a movie but he didn't want to see Mama Mia (surprise surprise!!) SO I'm totally going to check it out with some girlfriends!!

candace said...

Cant wait to see it!