Saturday, July 12, 2008

CPS Anyone?

I am just waiting for the undercover CPS agent to stop me at Target and take away my child. I realize she's only been walking for a couple years, but GIVE ME A BREAK. This kid trips more than a drunk monkey in heels. Guess I won't be pimping her out for a L'eggs commercial anytime soon.


Anne Thompson said...

I'm glad to know my girls ren't the only ones who look like they;ve been thru the ringer!! How is your diet going? I have a vaca to go on in 2 weeks, and I've still got 10 lbs to lose, don't think it's gonna happen, but maybe I can get down 5 at least! Doesn't it such that it's an ongoing battle?

Cherity said...

That is just too funny! I have pictures of me when I was young with beat-up legs just like that!! I'm sure she'll grow out of it like I did...????

M said...

Yeah, Maia hit her head twice and skinned both knees today. I feel the same way about Child Services busting in.
I remember asking John's doctor and she said as long as they are on the front of the legs they are called "toddler bruses" and no one would mistake them for abuse. Phew!!!

Rennie (Cantrell) Topper said...

My daughter is 10 and her legs look so much worse. 99% can be blamed on scratching those darn mosquito bites to death and 1% possible due to skateboarding but she is so embarrassed by her legs and yes, I'm waiting for some one too to say something to me. What our poor children have to endure during the summer.