Monday, July 21, 2008

Gimme A Break

Lucky me - I just got back from a two-night bed & breakfast scapbooking weekend getaway. Laurie knew someone who had to cancel their reservations last minute, and we got to fill them (for half price - athankya!) So we, being the spontaneous fabulosoes that we are, headed off to the glamourous town of Weatherford, TX. We were a little unsure of what we'd gotten ourselves into at first, but it turned out to be a fab weekend. We stayed

In the garden room:

Eating food like this (this was my favorite part):

Chilaxin' like this:

And this:

Still going strong at 1:05am.

But it wasn't all fun and games. Laurie completed TWO (count 'em, one-two) Shutterfly books. Sure, I may have only done 10 pages for my scrapbook, but she was focused and rockin' out to her iPod,

while I kept getting sucked into chick flicks like these (we seriously watched ALL of these - like I even had a chance.)

These are some of the pages I made:

And this is what I got to come home to:

Life is good.


Amy said...

With all those movies, scrapbook pages, hot tubbing, and fun... you need a vacation to recoop from your get-away! Looks like you had a blast...good for you!

Rochelleht said...

Oh, how incredibly fun!!! I am so jealous. Really of Laurie doing the Shutterfly books, cause the last time I did real scrapbooking was when we were together at Rebecca's and said a little too much with Greg downstairs!! :-)

Tanja said...

I am so envious, that's way better than our scrap-a-thon via Archiver's! You're pages are precious, love the tiny dancer one!

Laurie said...

I had so much fun! Thanks for the laughs and the memories. I can't WAIT to go back!

Jared and Shannon Allen Family said...

So this is totally random- I saw your blog through Laurie's and although I have never met her in person- I love her blogs and her executive homemaker website. So I was looking at her blog and linked over to yours to see all the fun that you guys had... when I saw the picture of your husband I had to Stop. Is your last name Nelson? Did he serve in the Jackson Mississippi Mission? Ok- so I know this is totally random- My husband and I served in the Mississippi Jackson Mission. Craig would have known Jared Allen (who sings) if he knew either of us. I went out right about 6 months before he went home. My trainer- Sister Blazer- would talk to him at Zone Conferences.... Anyway- I know it's totally random but it put a smile on my face and memories flooded my mind when I saw Craigs picture. Hope all is well. :)

candace said...

Sounds fun girlie! Glad you had a good time! Love all those movies

Anne Thompson said...

Ya girl! I LOVED seeing your pages! Great LO's ladycakes!! Looks like you had an awesome time!

M said...

Wow sounds so fun! You might need to recoup from the late nights! I love the hot tub shot. Who took it?
The pool boy?

aubs33 said...

I need to do this. Looks like so much fun!