Thursday, March 6, 2008

What the...?!

So this is us yesterday. Nice and warm. Fine day outside. I read a book on the patio while AJ played with the bubble machine.

And this is what it looked like today:

Seriously? What is up?!?!? I have never seen snowflakes this big. And I'm from Salt Lake City! Give me a break.

Good thing I have a new kitchen table to cheer me up:

That's right folks. After 8 years of marraige, I finally have a real dining table to call my own. We've been using our $100 farm table way too long. The chairs were seriously so wobbly you were taking your life into your hands just to sit down for breakfast.



We got an AMAZING deal on it and I luckily had enough of my scrapbooking funditure set aside to make the purchase. We even sprung for extra chairs so that when we put the leaf in, it will seat 8. Just imagine - now I can have people over for dinner and not ask half of them to sit on the couch. Move over Martha! (Or pull up a chair. I have eight, you know.)


Rochelleht said...

Yeah for you! I think that is soooo awesome. It's so great to move up to a table that seats more than your own family. It is so gorgeous! I seriously think that rocks that your scrapbooking money paid for it. Very cool!

aurora said...

Wow, that is so beautiful! I love it.

Love how AJ is styling in the sunshine- shades, headwrap, ... she's got it. :)

Cherity said...

WOW!! Love the new table!! It's so much fun to get new furniture, and it's amazing how it can make things look so much better!

takemetohawaii said...

LOVE the table! It's so beautiful! Can't wait to come see it at book club. :)

Rebecca said...

I love it, it looks great! I can't wait for my invite to dinner now. :)

M said...

I am constantly amazed by your deal-finding abilities.
It's a beauty!

Katrina said...

It looks great! And to have paid for it yourself! Look at you!

Laurie said...

Hurray! It's beautiful and looks amazing in that space.

katri said...

I thought the table was new... but I couldn't tell because I was distracted by the beauty that was book club! :)

Seriously, you house and the way you pull everything together is so lovely.