Sunday, March 16, 2008

Book Club

Yesterday I hosted our book club. It was fun to be able to be a little fancy for a change.

I used the beautiful china I got for Christmas:

Made this centerpiece:

(Almost had an aneurysm doing this to 3 dozen eggs for the centerpiece)

Made these place cards:

This was our appetizer:

Main course was this:

Drank Mint Juleps (my favorite Disneyland drink):

Our dessert:

Oh ya - the book.

We discussed "March" by Geraldine Brooks, the story of the absentee father (Mr. March) from the classic novel "Little Women." I really liked this book and even though not everyone else in the group did, it did make for a great discussion. I'm so grateful for wonderful friends and the chance to spend a lovely afternoon together. Thanks to all of you for making my big day a success.
And a special note of appreciation to my wonderful hubby, who really helped me pull it all together, who was up at 2:00am the night before helping me set the table,

and even added a little color to my life:

Love you!


sohpiasmom said...

Looks so beautiful...amazing job!! Where the heck did you get that super cute runner on the table...I need to know!!!

Chanda said...

Marshall's!!! (And it's reversible.) Gotta love it.

candace said...

Nice work girl! You put on a feast for a king! I am glad to hear that it went so well.

Cherity said...

How about some recipes girl!! Everything looks so devine and fancy! Great work!

Cherity said...

Ok, I'm dumb. I just noticed that you did make links for some of the dishes, but still the cake is what caught my eye, and no recipe for that one.

Chanda said...

Sorry Cherity. I've added the link. They all came from this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Deb said...

Your table looks gorgeous! you did all those eggs?!?! oh my gosh!

M said...

You rock! Everything looked beautiful.
I love the pic of you blowing out the eggs. Priceless.

Abby said...

Holy Moly, Chanda! This is amazing! It's all so springy and fun! Gosh - my book club is so BORING compared to that!!!

Rochelleht said...

It was seriously SOOO beautiful. I loved every second of it. Thanks for all the hard work and for your amazing style. The food was great, too and the book made for a super fun discussion! Book club ROCKS!

Dancin Queen said...

I love reading about your group's book clubs! What a fun group of women. Good job making book club fun!

katri said...

what a gift it is to have a beautiful afternoon together with friends.

Absolutley the BEST!

Biffy said...

You don't know me. I am an old friend of Rochelle's. This is a beautiful post. You are such a Martha. I just thought I'd let you in on a great tip. You know the bulb syringes they give you in the hospital with a new baby? They work amazingly well to blow out the inside of an egg. Just hold the tip of the syringe to the hole and pump the syringe. You have to be slightly careful to not get the egg up inside the syringe, but once you do it, you'll be amazed at how easy it is. This is the first time I've posted on a stranger's blog - but I had such a good tip! Have a lovely day.

Kamille said...

Wow can you host an elegant dinner. Way to go girl!! Wish I could have been there. Maybe I'll have to read the book and have an honorary dinner for myself.

Laurie said...

BEAUTIFUL!! What an amazing set up. You put so much love into it. I'm bummed I missed it. I had family coming in for Drake's party - but didn't know exactly who. Crazy.

What a lovely day!