Monday, March 31, 2008


Been a while since my last post; here's my excuse: I had family in town last week. This should bring y'all up to speed.

Coloring eggs:

Easter morning:

Hanging out at the mall:

Fort Worth Zoo:

JFK Memorial in Dallas:

Hot tubbin' in McKinney:

My Grandma Grenz gettin' CRAZY with the Texas Lotto scratch-offs:

And to round out the week:

a trip to the Instacare for AJ (Doc said it was an ear infection - BULL-SH&# - because the next day, I came down with it and have spent the last two days in bed.)

Here's to getting back to regular life. Cheers!


Rochelleht said...

SOOO sorry you're sick! Cute pics, though. AJ looked great on Easter. And yesterday, actually.

candace said...

AJ looks so cute in her Easter dress. You do have to thank your mom for the great beauty genes, you and your sisters are beautiful!

Abby said...

Holy Cow! I bought the same Easter dress as you did - only it looks much better on you!!! Gotta love Tarjay.