Friday, March 14, 2008

Tom & Jesus

A few days ago, a friend of mine dropped off an Easter basket full of goodies. AJ got so excited and said "Oh my gosh," (her new favorite catch-phrase) "look mom - Easter commed!" I was happy that she was so elated over a basket of candy, but felt inclined to once again go over the true meaning behind the holiday.

I reminded her, we celebrate Easter to remember that Jesus died for us and then was resurrected. I searched her face hopelessly for any sign of recognition, since we've had this talk about eight-thousand times since I bought our Easter "nativity" set, but no such luck. So I explained again that resurrected means that he died, but his spirit returned to his body and he came back to life. Her eyes lit up and I thought "Yes - I've done it. She really gets it this time!"

She enthusiastically says "He died and came back, just like Tom and Jerry!"

Right - Just like Tom and Jerry. And the mom of the year award goes to...

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