Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I spent WAY too much time making these bunny cake pops from Bakerella. I encourage you to NOT go to their site and look at what they were supposed to look like, because compared to theirs, mine TANKED. I was going to make the chicks too, but the bunnies took so long, I gave up and returned the rest of the stuff to the store. What was I thinking?!

The worst ever general conference bingo prize for A.J. What was I thinking?!

We made A.J.'s easter basket instead of buying one; what was I thinking?!

We colored eggs at 9:30 the night before Easter, even though we had to be to church at 7:50 the next morning; what was I thinking?!

We still managed to survive the crazy days leading up to Easter and enjoyed a layed back day (finally!)


Rochelleht said...

HA HA! Well, I LOVED the bunny pops. I mean, I love how they looked. Didn't actually eat one, but they were adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I think they turned out great, what are you talking about?! I saw them, I wanted to them, I wanted to be that mom and then that's where it all stopped!

Love your outfit and your hair looks gorgeous!

Kamille said...

What were you thinking? Overachiever. Don't tell my kids. They'd be so jealous.

Anne Thompson said...

It all looks aweseme! You are such a fun Mom! And those are A LOT of bunny pops!!!

The Taylor's said...

Oh, that's too funny. I love this post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chandra..I am a random person who found your blog thru Lauries from Create Your Own/Tip Junkie...curious...where did you get your cool large flower hair clips? Or did you make them? Any info would be great!! thanks!

Little Lovables said...

you are so cute here! did you make the hair piece?

what a fun basket idea