Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A.J.'s Birthday

Our little baby turned four last week. Where is the time going?! Her birthday was Thursday. She picked out a fancy cupcake at Central Market and managed to bang her face on the iron gate on the way out. (Please note the lovely goose egg in the rest of the pictures.)

That night, she opened gifts from grandparents and we went out for ice cream. The following Saturday, the party ensued. We did a carnival theme.



Game booths:
"Lucky Duck"

"Bucket Toss"

"Ring Toss"

"Go Fish"

"Drown A Clown"

And of course, what would a carnival be without a tattoo booth?

For food, we did hot dogs, popcorn, chips, circus animal crackers and cupcakes:

The kids all won tickets at each game booth and redeemed them for prizes afterward:

Here's AJ with all her loot! She didn't get this much for Christmas - she was in hog heaven. (She's had a bit of a pajama fetish lately - as soon as everyone left she broke out the piggy pjs.)

It was a fun party, but phew!, I'm glad it's over. Now we can start gearing up for Florida - YAY!


Kris said...

Wow Chanda, I can't believe you have a 4 year old! She is a miniature you. Darling!

momma street said...

What a party Chanda! I won't show Jacob or he'll even be more sad he missed it! How cute! That bump on her head was huge! Poor girl. And loving PJ's - what a smart girl!

Rochelleht said...

Looks like they had a blast. It's seriously adorable. Grace has been loving all her prizes.

Anne Thompson said...

AWESOME party! I love all the little details : ) You are such a great Mommy!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oh My Goodness! What a fun adorable party, cute invites and all the games look like a blast.

And your girl is stinkin cute:-)

~Tamara Nicole~

Anonymous said...

It was such a Fabulous party!! Drake and I had a blast.

HappyHourMom said...

I am so impressed with the way you totally themed out her party! What a great memory for her(and you). AWESOME~

Anonymous said...


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Mike said...

When they are four that is usually the most fun time for you.