Sunday, February 22, 2009

What the...?

Went in to kiss AJ goodnight. Found this:

Her (fairly large) Strawberry Shortcake blanket shoved up her shirt, and she's fast asleep. ??????????


The Taylor's said...

I love sleeping pictures! We have so many pages in Morgan's scrapbook of really random things. One night we went to check on him (right after he had got his toddler bed), and he had climbed out of bed, picked up a basket twice his size filled with stuffed animals, carried it back to his bed, and buried himself in the animals. The basket was at the foot of his bed, and it was adorable.

aurora said...

That's too cute! Maybe she was pretending that she was preggie?? :D

Anonymous said...

Funny what goes through their minds! Now, that's some good scrapbooking material.