Thursday, February 5, 2009

Take A Hike

We went on a little "hike" on Saturday. I use the word hike loosely, as there aren't many mountains in these here parts. But a neighbor directed us to a place where you can adventure down a path and eventually end up at a waterfall. It was fun and AJ did great.

We spent over an hour throwing rocks into the water. Why is that so fun? I think she would have sat there all day.

AJ is finally old enough to take a picture for us:

Craig standing on top of the waterfall:

He kept leaning over - I thought he was going to slip to his death.

This was fun and made me realize we need to do things outside more often. We live in a beautiful climate (most of the time) and it felt great to do something active as a family.


aurora said...

Last post, ice. This post, shirtsleeves! Crazy Texas weather. :D
Looks like a fun family day. Where did you go?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful area, wow!

momma street said...

Where is the 'hiking' place?? Please do share!!

Anne Thompson said...

Awe, family outings are fun. Looks quiet and peaceful there, I need some of that!!

The Taylor's said...

Where did you find that in Texas? We're next in line!