Wednesday, February 18, 2009


AJ got the Tag Reading System by Leap Frog from her grandparents just before Christmas. I can not say enough about this toy. She loves it. LOVES IT. She will read for hours. She can play games on it. It tells her to do different activities, even dancing. Her reading is DRASTICALLY improving. It keeps track of how much time she spends playing and which activites she tends to do more than others. Then when we sync it with the computer, she earns rewards and it send me a report to tell me what are her strong areas and which things we need to work on. Her books range from I Spy to Dr. Suess. I think this is an invaluable learning toy for a kid her age and HIGHLY recommend it if you have preschool-age kids. TAG, you're it!


The Taylor's said...

I'd never heard of that before. I should probably get something like that for Morgan. He gets so bored during the day sometimes. I think he'll be excited for school next year.

Rochelleht said...

Should I get this for Grace? HA! I'm thinking that AJ is a better reader than she is! I'll test them out tomorrow. tee hee