Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Truth - Sometimes It Hurts

It's FREEZING outside. AJ had school yesterday. She (I) slept in, so we were running late. I had on gym clothes, a beanie and a scarf, no make-up. AJ says to me "Mom, you DO NOT look fabulous."



Tanja said...

She didn't!

I am sure you looked great I never had any doubt in my mind!

Rochelleht said...

I know, we get no respect! I just blogged about something similar. Though, in my case, it's my shabby Christmas decorations. Grace has mentioned how much I don't measure up at least five times.

debilyn said...

LOL...too funny!
that reminds me of the time i was sitting on the sofa snacking on a bag of cheetos and my 14 yr old son said "hmm...guess you're old enough now that you don't care how fat you get, huh?"

gotta love kids!