Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday In The Park

Went to Six Flags yesterday. It was fun. Or at least interesting. Friday, someone stole my debit card #. Long story short, we've been getting the run-around from the bank and instead of canceling my card like they said, they cancelled Craig's. (I had already taken mine out of my walet since they said it was canceled.) So when we got to Six Flags and tried to pay for parking ($15?! - do they think they're Disneyland?), his card was declined. So there we were, stranded with no cash and no debit cards. (We stopped carrying credit cards a long time ago.) It's actually kind of a scary feeling being so helpless. So we were going to come home and AJ started crying which broke my heart. She was trying to hold it in but I could tell she was so disappointed, so we decided to do Six Flags for Free. (Our tickets were free "bounceback" tickets from Craig's company party) So we parked a mile away at a nearby hotel, walked into the park, went without buying any food or drinks the whole time (if you knew about my funnel cake problem, you'd know what a big deal that was) and even picked up fish food off the ground that had fallen out of the dispenser to feed the fish in the lake. I'm sure people thought we were hobos, but I must admit, it felt good driving away knowing we hadn't spent any money. Not saying I want to do it anytime again soon, but still felt good.

PS - Whoever steals credit card numbers, or anything for that matter, you are a giant bung-hole! Get a life. (Or at least a job)
PPS - I think Wachovia's #1 customer service rating is hogwash.
PPSS - I think I used "hogwash" twice this week.


The Taylor's said...

Confession: My confession here is not that I stole your debit card #, but I did stalk you. Yes, I stalked your blog out and now I can be included in the laughing place! I love it. Way cute blog, by the way.

That sucks about your debit card.

Steph said...

What a bummer. Good for you for making the best of it. Good for your little one to go all day with no snacks! What a trooper!
BTW-I have NO idea how I stumbled across your blog. Lol I always think it's one of those six degrees of separation know, all our blogs can be connected by six other blogs.