Monday, September 1, 2008

Teacher Gift

I had so much fun making glitter cups last week, I decided to take it to the next level. Enter Jamba Juice mug.

And with a little mod podge, blue glitter and a clutter cluster, VOILA!

Here is the tag I attatched and I put a Jamba giftcard inside.

Can't believe my baby's starting preschool tomorrow?!!? I want to start crying now, but I can't. It's LABOR DAY and that means... LABOR. (Sorry Craig.) We are spit-shining this house from top to bottom.

By tonight, it's going to "Shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!"


Amy said...

So cute... they are such a fun gift to give. My house still shines from the glitter I dropped everywhere. I am thinking about taking it up a notch and glittering one of those white trash styrofoam coolers you can buy at the convienience stores. Just kidding... They are so fun!

aurora said...

Love it! Too cute. :)

And my baby is starting tomorrow, too! Waaahhh. sniff, sniff.

Anonymous said...

Oh, as hard as it'll enjoy the couple of hours to yourself! You can work out, get crafty-(which btw, I love the mug, clean...hang in there it'll be a blessing soon!

candace said...

Cute mugs! I wonder how bad that is that I didn't shed a tear when Hayes started a couple weeks ago. Not sad one bit!

Laurie said...

It turned out amazing!!