Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Say what?!

AJ has had quite a few "vocab mishaps" lately. I do have them written down on a paper, later to be transfered to her scrapbook (supposedly). But I know I will lose the paper before that happens, so now I am blogging them to make them permanent. I am a ROCKIN' mom!

Dizzy = Busy. As in "Whoa - I'm gettin' busy!"

Yesterday = Lasterday

Balloon = Umbloon

Sunscreen = Some scream

Drain = Dream

Goggles = Gobbles

And my most recent fav:

She brought this in the house the other day.

AJ: Mom, look wht I got!
Me: Wow, that's cool!
AJ: Feel how soft it is.
Me: That is soft. And it's taller than you! Do you know what it's called?
AJ: A wussy pillow.

She also insists on making her own mac n' cheese. Who is this kid?!


Anonymous said...

She is precious, I like the word "lasterday,"...too cute!

Amy said...

I just found you through Tanja and I really think your blog is great. I will for sure come back often... anything that is named the laughing place...well I want to be there. Laughing is one of my most fun hobbies!

candace said...

So cute!

katri said...

I LOVE the bird header at the top. So cute!

AJ is a little doll. :)

Kiefer calls "tissues", "bless-yous" ... love these kids.

takemetohawaii said...

LOL! I love those! We have a similar one that Megan used to say for sunscreen: sunscream. She still does it and it's just too funny to change.

Love the pics!

M said...

The pics of her are so adorable!
Especially the first one at the restaurant.

Anne Thompson said...

Loving that she is standing on her potty to make some mac and cheese!

Anonymous said...

Chanda- I just got your Favorite Swap Things package off in the mail today. You should have it on Thursday! :)

Rochelleht said...

That looks very "Glass Castle"-esk...