Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is my 100th post - wow! (I think these are totally dull and boring and I'm sure no one will read it, but I'm doing it anyway.) Here are 100 things that make me happy:

1. A.J.'s belly laugh
2. Planting Flowers
3. A date with Craig
4. Making lists and then crossing them off
5. A beautifully wrapped gift

6. The smell of rain
7. Sleeping in fresh sheets
8. Target

9. Driving with the windows down
10. New make-up
11. Waking up early and not feeling tired
12. Grocery shopping
13. Movies that make me cry

14. Fresh berries
15. Singing when I'm alone in the car
16. Reading a great book
17. Snow cones

18. The smell of new tires
19. Playing the piano
20. Anthropologie
21. Capturing a "perfect" picture
22. Fireflies
23. Reading to A.J.
24. Going out to breakfast
25. Eating a hot dog at a baseball game

26. Being sweat-soaked after a hard workout
27. Finding an old favorite CD and realizing you still love it
28. Late nights with girlfriends
29. Clearance sales
30. Fancy aprons
31. Shaving with a new razor

32. Looking through my scrapbooks
33. The smell of A.J.'s hair when she wakes up
34. Trying a new recipe
35. Relief Society
36. A great haircut
37. Hotel rooms where they have the air-conditioner on high when you open your room
38. Barnes and Noble

39. Massages
40. Having the kitchen windows open
41. My favorite jeans
42. A cool breeze when it's hot out
43. Libraries
44. Disneyland

45. Random hugs from A.J.
46. Fresh flower arrangements
47. A clean house
48. The smell of fresh-cut grass mixed with gasoline
49. Live music at restaurants
50. Bubble baths

51. Chapstick
52. Book club
53. LOUD music
54. Finishing a project
55. Eating healthy

56. Packing for a vacation
57. When Craig comes home from work
58. When I finish painting a room
59. Fancy perfume

60. Being able to pay the bills on time
61. Birds chirping in the morning
62. Shopping for Christmas gifts
63. "Alone time" with snacks and good TV
64. Campfires
65. Pajamas
66. Eating outside
67. Laying out at the pool with a good book

68. Holiday-weekend movies
69. Busy days
70. Stationary
71. When the dentist says "No cavities"

72. Organizing the pantry
73. Reminiscing with friends
74. Mani/Pedis
75. Being a stay-at-home mom
76. Fancy bookmarks
77. Talking over dinner
78. Vacuum marks
79. Baking bread
80. Scrapbook stores
81. Pink lemonade

82. Crisp, fall air
83. Beautiful mugs
84. A real tan
85. Porch swings

86. Ice water when you are SO thirsty
87. Fabulous shoes
88. Seeing butterflies
89. Starbucks
90. Buying a new candle
91. Fireworks

92. Watching Craig and A.J. play together
93. Wanting to buy something and making it instead
94. Surprising someone
95. Solving a puzzle

96. Good hair days
97. Yardwork
98. Home Decor
99. Reading a good magazine
100. Finishing this list


candace said...

So dang cute! Well I really know you because none of that was news to me! Anyways, how did you know it was your 100th post? Nice work

aurora said...

What a great list! I love that ice cold air in the hotel room feeling, too.
Loved the musical accompaniment. ☺ You are so good at matching it to your post!

Rochelleht said...

Mmmm! I love those things too.

Laurie said...

Congratulations!! YAY!