Thursday, August 23, 2007

So I've not only had the "scrapbooking bug" lately, but the "decorate and organize the house bug" as well. And it's bad. It's like I'm nesting (without the whole pregnancy part). But because my spending funds are limited (please reference "scrapbooking bug") I can't properly splurge on home decor right now. So instead, I clean. I've been obsessed with cleaning lately. So here are my little tips and must have products from my increasingly tidy world.

I love two men. My hubby, and this guy!

He has some of the greatest cleaning products on earth.

The Magic Eraser is just that - MAGIC!

It gets anything off anything. My favorite uses are getting scuffs on the white legs of my kitchen chairs and scrubbing fingerprints off door, lightswitches and the fridge. It can even remove Sharpie!

The Magic Reach Wand is awesome for cleaning tubs.

The scrubbing pad is nice and big and you can scrub down the whole tub in two minutes flat, without even having to crawl in. I also like the fresh orange scent.

*TIP ALERT* If you like a citrus smell,

you can rub a little lemon oil (found in the furniture-polish section) to the inside of your shower door. This will keep soapscum from building up and leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

Another must-have for kitchen and bathroom are my Clorox Wipes.

I use them to clean the outside of the toilet bowl, on the bathroom sinks "inbetween" cleanings, and on the kitchen counter whenever I am cooking with chicken/raw meat.

*TIP ALERT* An oh-so-easy way to clean your microwave.

Fill a dish with 1 cup water and squeeze the juice of one lemon into it. Add the used lemon rind. Microwave for five minutes. Remove dish and wipe down microwave interior with a paper towel. This works awesome!

And Softscrub with Bleach...

leaves my kitchen sink shiny and white with little or no effort.

*TIP ALERT* For stubborn faucets that just don't want to shine up,

dab a little toothpaste on them and rub off with a towel. Ta-da...sparkly!

And finally, my best cleaning investment ever... the Dyson Animal.

Just like it advertises, it never loses suction. And even if I vacuum everyday, this picks up so much crap! It's like it lifts sand right out from the bottom of the subfloor. Amazing! Plus, who couldn't love a pretty purple vacuum?!

So there it is! My strange new obsession. Anyone out there have more tips for me? Happy cleaning...


Rochelleht said...

You rock, girl! I do love that magic eraser. I also have those clorox wipes in my bathroom. I wipe out my tub every night before taking a bath. So convenient!And thanks for the great tip for the shower doors. I'm SO going to use that!

You're a proper Maven.

takemetohawaii said...

Love the tips and I'm totally hearing you on the no-money-for-decor thing. I am going to try the shower door tip, too. Hope you don't mind me commenting. :)

Tip Junkie said...

Those are some great tips!

candacealldredge said...

Chanda, those are great tips! TY!
I love the magic eraser, it came in handy when Hayes painted our living room in permnant black marker a few weeks ago. Unfortunatley, I do not have great tips. However, I do know how to fold a towel (ha, ha, ha) this is because my mom used to work at a tanning salon. My towel folding skills are supurb!

Julie said...

I am with you all the way, my Dyson and Swiffer vac have changed my life. It almost brings a tear to my eye. I just had my lemon oil out this morning, shiny kitchen table!