Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Envy Here

I have a deep, deep love of good nail polish. Next to shoes, it's one of my favorite things to buy and I like having lots of choices on hand. And because of this little miracle called Sticky,

my manicures last at least a week, sometimes two. Since I have an hour to kill each week while waiting at A.J.'s dance class, it's become my nail-painting time.

Another mom was sitting next to me as I started applying the Sticky basecoat, which looks green in the bottle but goes on clear, and said "Phew, I thought you were painting your nails green!" She chuckled, obviously relieved to not be sitting next to some freaky punk.

I sheepishly pulled out my (green-indeed) polish and tried to explain that my daughter wanted us to both do it for St. Patrick's day. She just said "OK" and casually moved to another seat. She's obviously jealous. It takes a classy lady to pull of "Green-wich Village".


Anonymous said...

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Rochelleht said...

HA HA! I think they look great. I love Sticky!

And did you know you can make money online?

2 Green Eyed Girls said...

Love the color! We did St. Patty's Day mani/pedis this morning and we're rocking the green too!

Anne Thompson said...

haha! I've been loving navy, dk. purple and black, but i'll be sure to try the green!

The Taylor's said...

I went with some girls last week to get a pedicure and chose green. They were all jealous afterwards with how cute my toes looked! I love it!