Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girls Rule, Boys Drool!

Craig was out of town last week, so AJ and I threw ourselves a princess party. We put on our finest:

caked on the make-up (I'll never rid my house of all the glitter):

played this DVD game (which was actually pretty fun):

and ate some fine dining:

AJ showed me how to pose like a princess, just like Sleeping Beauty taught her:

We miss Craig when he's gone, but it's so fun to have a girls' night.

The next morning, AJ wasn't ready to let it die, so we did "fancy princess hair".

She wore her dress-up clothes as we scouted for pieces among garage sales and antique stores.

Never did rumaging through people's old crap look so classy. (I did find some treasures, but that will come later when I am done with them.)


Anne Thompson said...

Ahh, you are such a fuuun Mommy!! You 2 are absolutely gorgeous!!

aurora said...

You are the perfect Mom!