Friday, March 6, 2009

Pizza Pizza

Last night we had pizza, compliments of AJ. She's quite the chef! I think it's great that even at her young age, she loves to cook. I know lots of people see cooking as a chore, but it is truly something that I enjoy. It makes me feel good to make a healthy meal for my family each night. And for me, there is something almost theraputic about cooking - just zoning out and focusing on the food. With my little chef always at my side, of course.

She was very meticulous about topping placement:

Showing off her masterpiece: Pepperoni, artichoke, pineapple and olive - yum!

Anxiously waiting out the cooking time:

And finally, enjoying the fruits of her labors:

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Rebecca said...

You're a good mommy. My kids love to cook too, but I'm horrible about letting them. I guess I'm a kitchen hog. BTW...I LOVE your apron. :)