Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goal For It

Found this great website. Used it to make a cute chore chart for A.J.

It hangs on the fridge as a reminder for her, and at the end of the day we log on to the computer and she puts a virtual sticker on the things she did. It even calculates her money earned at puts it in the moolah bank. Each of her chores is worth between $.01-$.05 and she is saving up to donate to the Pennies for Primary fund raiser at church. This will also be her introduction to the principle of tithing and she can stash away some of her "own" money for Disneyworld.

Can I also just say, it's great that all day I can remind her, "If you don't listen now, you won't get your penny." And it works! Best money I'll ever spend. I may actually start picking up stray coins on the ground. A found nickle is worth almost a week of obedience!


aurora said...

That is a great site! Thanks for sharing. I signed the kiddos up right away!

Glory Watts said...

I'm totally going to get my kids on that site. Unfortunately my kids know the value of a penny darn it. We've moved up to quarters. We're excited about the Pennies for Primary too.