Monday, October 27, 2008

Uncle Cracker

I realize this makes me a three-year-old, but this is my latest favorite snack.

We have been going through box after box and can't seem to keep them in stock. They are leaps and bounds better than the original flavor. Check 'em out - you'll be hooked too!


Lyn said...

LOVING how you added the song to go with the post!!

We love cheez-itz, too..but our faves are the Hot & Spicy ones =)

P.S. Love the Blog!

Anonymous said...

I'll put them on my next shopping list because I heart the hot & spicy ones. Thanks for the tid bit!

Lyn said...

Thanks for visiting our blogs, Chanda!
I do have a account, but I haven't accessed it in awhile, because it was giving me some troubles some time ago. I'll have to try and get into it again and see if I have better luck now.

Happy Blogging =)