Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Fun - We are MELTING out here!!!

Bowling early in the week:

Aleeya, AJ and Sabrina

Carly and AJ

And last night, we met up with the Dixons for a Rangers Game.

AJ trying her hand in the kids play area:

Lisa bought some blue cotton candy "for the kids":

It was fun - even though the coolest it got was 94-degrees (and that wasn't until 10:00pm!) Can you say swoobies?


Anonymous said...

That's a hot day, wow!
AJ is the cutest!!

aubs33 said...

I just discovered your blog! Hope you don't mind if I blog stalk a bit, wow your blog and all the posts are so entertaining. Your little girl is so cute! Heavens, even though I love baseball I couldn't drag myself out in this heat to go-

candace said...

Fun, I have that shirt you are wearing, from OLD NAVY right?

M said...

Okay how hot it there during the day? We're melting in 105 but I bet you're hotter

Amy said...

SOundslike so much fun! LOVE cotton candy... What a fun, but hot, day!