Monday, August 25, 2008

Have You Seen This Blog?

I love it!

Check it out when you're stumped on what to make for dinner. Cooking has never looked so glamorous.


Abby said...

Oh my goodness - I want to eat this entire website. Awesome find!

rachelle said...

hi chanda! thanks for the sweet comment and post. talk about a day-maker. i'm pretty new to this blogging thing, so i'm working to get all my faves posted. (i think it might take me forev.)
you are soo fashionably foodie too- what can i say. you look fab~ i love your haircut! so cute on you. thanks again~ rachelle

Anonymous said...

I had to go there when I haven't eaten since breakfast. *sigh*

i'm kelly said...

looks darling! i can't wait to check it out.