Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Senator's Wife:

I hate you. I hate you for being boring. I hate you for being depressing. I hate you for wasting precious reading moments in my life. Mostly, I hate you for being a book that I KNEW sucked by the time I was halfway through, yet I had to finish because I hate leaving things unfinished, even bad books. And then your ending sucked too. So mostly, I hate you for making me see what an anal-retentive person I've become.

Not sincerely,
Chanda Nielsen

Dear Friday Night Knitting Club:

I love you, do you love me? Check yes or no. You are the best book I've read in a long time. You made me laugh; you made me cry - oh how I cried. You took me on vacation. I devoured you because I couldn't get enough, and then regretted it because it was over so soon. And... I SO wish I could knit. It is now on the top of my "list of things to do". Thank you for the two beautiful days we spent together. I will cherish them forever.

Very truly yours,
Chanda Nielsen


Abby said...

I've heard of both of these and I'm pretty sure I've checked out the Senator's wife book - bored to tears never got through the first couple of chapters. I'm DEFINITELY going to have to check out the Knitting book. Thanks, Chanda!

katri said...

Oooo... I totally was looking at that knitting book. But, since my pile of "to read" is 3 stacks deep and growing... I refrained. However, one more book wouldn't hurt! (spoken like a true junkie)

candace said...

Well, that is funny. I definitely don't want to touch the senator's wife book with a 10 foot pole, but I can't wait to read the knitting book!

Laurie said...

What a great post!! You made me want to read that book. Hmmm.

Laura said...

You are too funny!! I will have to check that out!

Anonymous said...

Okay -- now I am completely curious about the Senators Wife. Your comments totally cracked me up and I find myself wanting to read it. Jane