Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Random Crazy Week

We had family in town again this week, so AJ really had more of a "birthweek" party.

Six Flags:

Let's Jump:


This is what she cashed-in her gaming tickets for. The glasses were 5 tickets - what a deal! And only 750 tickets for the little dog.

How did we earn so many tickets you ask? Mom rocks it on "The Flamin' Finger" - oh ya, you heard me right. The Flamin' Finger!!!!

Cake (not really bragging about this; melting frosting, in a hurry, etc., but here it is nonetheless):

Presents, including a baby stroller (which was an instant hit) and her first set of real golf clubs:

And to round out the week, Medieval Times. Again. And only because Grandma and Grandpa treated.

And I've never seen Craig as excited as when my Dad bought him a cup with flashing lights. Seriously. He filled it up at home and used it at dinner the next day.

Hmmm... maybe I need a birthweek celebration. Craig - guess you better get on it. The clock's ticking...


candace said...

Okay, a few things:

a) don't let me forget your birthday! You do deserve a Birthweek!
b) That doesn't surprise me about Craig and the cup at all
c) Craig looks good, he has lost weight (you can tell him that) What has he been doing Kevin Tradeu?
d) Good to see you with your sisters they are so cute.
e) Love AJ with her hair down, get to see her curls.
f)You totally look cute in that picture as always!
g)Love the cake! Good work! Will you make me one for my birthday?
h) I will tell your grandma hi from you (ha ha)

Cherity said...

Fun, fun, fun, and more fun! AJ is one lucky little girl to get a whole week of partying!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets not discuss my weight issues in a public forum eh????


Rebecca said...

Great picture of AJ with her eyes crossed! Your cake was adorable...good job!

takemetohawaii said...

Looks like a great week all the way around! What a fun birthday for AJ.