Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby Got Back

Why yes, yes I have. Thank you for noticing. Had to haul my ars back to the gym today for a grueling 1 hour weight session. I can't even begin to describe the level of jello I am right now. If Bill Cosby were here, he'd eat me. But it had to be done.

I'm not that concerned with losing weight, but I'm not crazy about gaining either. So in addition to starting back up at the gym, I'm back to using to keep track of my calories and exercise. Try this site if you haven't already. It's totally free and will tell you exactly how many calories you need to be eating, if you're getting enough protein, getting enough water, etc. They also have lots of great recipes, tips, support groups and more. And it gives you points for everything you do. And even though the points don't really mean anything, I'm a big enough loser that I get really excited when my points reach the next level. I've used it in the past as a motivator for buying stuff. Like when I got to 500 points, I got a new gym outfit. My next level is 1000 points away. My new running shoes are so far in the distance I can't even see them.

Baby steps... (in my old running shoes.)


Rochelleht said...

Those are awesome shoes! I know what you mean. I sweat to the Valentine playlist you gave me yesterday. It was great. I know it's not exactly a workout cd, but it's always nice to have new tunes to work you. Ugh, the whole thing is a butt whip. Why can't we all just sit all day and eat whatever we want?

Because even if we were skinny, we'd still keel over from a heart attack.

aurora said...

Love the shoes! ♥

Can I get in shape just watching the treadmill video? ☺

Emily Loria said...

Just laughing over your bill cosby comment!

Abby said...

Atta girl - working for shoes makes the whole process so much more worthwhile!

Cherity said...

Oh, I love your pink shoes!! Good luck with getting back into the swing of the gym...I have one more week until I start big booty camp!! So, I'll be rooting with you!

candace said...

I am with ya sista'!