Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Decor

All the Christmas stuff is finally finished. I'm done decorating, done shopping, done done done. What a relief. On a less cheerful note, I realized how much I hate most of my Christmas decor. The colors are all wrong, my tree is too short (and bare of needles - we sooo need a new tree) and many of the items are totally tacky (i.e. Santa in the outhouse. Funny when I was 15. Now, not so much.)

I have decided this is the last year for all the stuff I don't like. So even though my "Christmas shopping" is done, I am planning on a massive shopping trip for Christmas decor, probably on the day after Christmas when I can be my usual cheap self.
I'm not going to spend a fortune on it. It's too unsatisfying to buy stuff and not get to use it for a whole year. But I've decided I'd rather have just a few things I like than a houseful of crap. Now that I've made up my mind, I'm actually feeling pretty liberated. And I do need to give a nod to the hubby. We bought new outside lights this year. Target had these cool large, round lights (they come in blue, white or red) and I LOVE them. (Nevermind that we had to go to 3 different locations to find enough.) He did great putting them up.

I like the outside of the house. Would it be wierd if on Christmas morning we opened presents on the front lawn instead of in the tacky family room?


aurora said...

I love the Santa in the outhouse! Does that mean that I am 15??
But seriously, I think that your house looks great. However, shopping is always fun, so good luck on finding great decor on the 26th. Sounds like fun!

Katrina said...

Having decor that you love is uber-importante! Last year, getting out the decorations was depressing for me, so I went out and got a whole new bunch! If you already know what you want, I would go ahead and go to Norma Stone's. They're so cheap, you don't have to wait till after Christmas. Also, their stuff goes on sale the week before Christmas! Have fun!

Chanda said...

I love Norma Stone - but didn't know about the sale BEFORE Christmas. Thanks for the tip!

candace said...

Good work Craig on the lights. I am really impressed that you have that little deer in your front yard too. That is really hard core (he he) if you have one of those! I have always wanted on in my front yard.
.. and I totally love that santa in the outhouse, what are you even thinking about getting rid of him!
You just hang on to that one for a few more years.

Laurie said...

LOL! Your house looks great! Gotta love the Santa on the potty. ;) Did you get that from the Eakins party? ha ha