Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack...

Bet you all thought I died of a heart attack from eating all the fair food. Close, but no cigar. It just made my butt grow so big I couldn't fit in my computer chair and blog. Much to your relief, I am back to normal and ready to go. I tracked back through some blogs today, and realized how much I love it. I've missed you, invisible friends! So here's a quick recap of what I've been up to since the last post:

I painted AJ's wall mural (what a chore!) and now it should only be another 2 years before I finish the rest of her room.

Craig's brother and sister and her husband came in from Utah to visit. We went to:

The Water Gardens,

Medieval Times,

(Which AJ LOVED! This was her pretty much the whole time),

And Six Flags, just to name a few.

Since my last post, we went to a kick-butt Halloween party as the American Idol Judges.

We also celebrated Halloween with AJ. This was her first year of really getting excited. So fun!

Her Costume:

Her Pumpkin:

Her Trick-or-Treating Grounds:

Her Haul (AKA mom's new scrapbooking junk food stash):

OK - Lame boring post, but at least I'm semi-caught-up and can hop back on the blogging bandwagon. Coming soon, my Canton finds...


aurora said...

That mural is sooooo great!

Glad to hear of the recent fun.

Cute pictures-- isn't if fun when they are in awe of things and get excited. Christmas should be a blast for her (and mom and dad) this year!

Husband said...

Where have you been. I'm freaking out!

Rochelleht said...

I love AJ's room. It is awesome!

She looked SOOOOOO cute on Halloween!

Anonymous said...

That mural turned out AMAZING! Where does your crazy talent end? I love it! You've been having such a fun time. You'll have to post how those books for Enrichment turned out. I'd love to feature them on TipJunkie. I have all the stories already.

You guys rocked it on Halloween!

candace said...

Hey you! WOW busy bee! Lets see, I love the wall, your customes and AJ"s pumkin? And of course how cute is AJ in her costume? SO cute!