Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

We finally upgraded my old iPhone to the iPhone 4. I know the 5 is coming out this year, but I couldn't wait anymore. My piece of junk kept freezing up, among other issues and was driving me crazy. Craig finally saw the light and decided to switch over from the droid too. Now that everything is up to speed, I'm realizing how bad my old one had really gotten. It's so nice to have things functioning normally. I downloaded some new stuff too, and I am LOVING the Instagram App. I used it to document all our patriotic activities this weekend. We had a great time - hope you did too!

Saturday, AJ wanted a star in her hair for watching fireworks that night.

She completed her look with a patriotic manicure.

What's a holiday weekend without a nap?!

We have been getting snowcones almost everyday. There is a place around the corner from our house that has the best EVAH! It's too dang hot to eat anything else!!!

AJ and I made Red, White and Blue Popcorn for her and her friends to munch on during fireworks. It was yummy. Recipe HERE.

Amy and AJ - I overheard them saying even though AJ would have a sister soon, Amy doesn't have a sister so they have to be best friends until they both DIE!!! This conversation was immediately followed by how to coordinate their outfits for the next park day. These are their big concerns. I love the simple life of kids.

Glowsticks are always a hit with the kids.

Great fireworks.

Today, we did a BBQ by the pool with Craig's brother Paul and wife Jess. It's been fun having family down here to celebrate with.

It's also fun to swim when it's a billion degrees outside. Did I mention how hot it is?!

The ever-charming snorkel mask.

AJ loves scary movies. We all went to see Super 8. I was worried it might be a bit much for her, but she did OK. After it was over, she told us the scariest part was the fake zombie movie the kids were filming. She wasn't even scared of the alien. I thought the show was pretty good - kind of like a next generation Goonies (but set in the 70's.) And just FYI, much like the Goonies, this one had a bit of bad language.

We wrapped the weekend up with dinner at BJ's. They have a pretty good gluten-free menu, for anyone out there who has a super-fun gluten allergy like me.

What a great weekend! I love Independence Day and am so thankful for the freedoms we enjoy. A big salute to the men and women (and their families) who defend those freedoms and make sacrifices so I can enjoy days like these. Happy Fourth everyone!

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Rochelleht said...

Thanks for the fun update. It's great to see what y'all are up to. Miss you tons!! I love the Instagram app. I just started using it. It's a blast.