Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And I was like Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhhhh

Wow. Four months since my last post. I can't even do quarterly. Shameful.

HOWEVER, this time I feel like I have a legitimate excuse. Exactly 8 days after my last post, I found out I had one of these growing in me:

It took precisely 7 more days before I turned into this:

Throw in a few early complications which = short-term bedrest and I could have posted four months of "What I Wore Wednesday" that look like this - everyday:

But that doesn't make for good blogging now, does it? I am slowly staring to feel good again- a little better everyday. I still have the occasional really bad day. Mostly I'm just queazy and run-down. And moody.

However, today is monumental for me - 20 weeks! I am officially halfway through my pregnancy. I wasn't sure I would even survive this long. Don't get me wrong. I am thankful for the opportunity to have another baby. After a trying miscarriage and a year of random health issues (more on that another time) we weren't sure this would ever happen for us again. That said, it's been brutal. This little kid inside me has been slowly poisoning me, and took me to the brink of death. Then maybe it realized it needs me so it can finish growing, so it has started backing off a little. Can't wait to see the tortures it brings once it's out. Thank heavens for my supportive husband and wonderful friends who rallied to help me through. They brought flowers, cooked meals, even cleaned my house. A.J.'s been a little trooper too. I'm sure she misses her old mommy. Love you all!

PS-Since the baby was uncooperative at our last appointment, we still don't know the sex. Hoping we will be able to find out tomorrow - stay tuned.


Rochelleht said...

So glad you are somewhat back to the land of the living. I really can't wait to hear what that baby is. When I saw this post, I got my hopes up. ;-)

Jonni Ann said...

Yay! Very exciting news. :)

Kris said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is such great news! Sorry your not feeling well.