Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hell Has Frozen Over

This is the post I never thought I'd write. We got a dog. Me. A dog owner. I swore it would never happen. I am not an animal person. I am definitely not an animal-owning kind of person. I think the best pet is a neighbor pet. And even then it's iffy because they can still bark and crap on your lawn.

But AJ begged - for years. She and Craig would take trips to the local shelter to visit. And on one particular visit in September, we found a great dog and I relented {gasp!} And now I have to admit, she has even charmed me. The non-animal-loving-semi-germaphobe-I-am-not-picking-THAT-up me. And I love her.

Her name is Dixie. She's a long-haired Chihuahua. She is just over a year old. She fits in my purse. (Although I'm not the crazy carry-your-dog-in-your-purse-lady...yet)

The first night we brought her home, she snuggled up with AJ and slept with her all night. AWWWWWW...

In the morning AJ was anxious to give her a mini-makeover. Baths are easy since she fits so nicely in the kitchen sink:

And of course, what makeover is complete without a manicure?

Notice the matching polish...

I really can't complain. She's not a yapper, as most little dogs are. She just wants to sleep on your lap all the time. And she lets AJ drag her around like a stuffed animal - poor thing. But I have to say, I'm glad the newness hasn't worn off for AJ as it often tends to do. She still can't wait to get home from school and see her and wants to play with her all the time. I think that little dog was just the extra dose of love we needed around here.


Jonni Ann said...

Craig holding the painted paws is priceless! lol

Mellodee said...

I was terrified of dogs growing up and the idea of owning one was my worst nightmare. What loving mom can resist the faces of her baby girl, her special fella, AND the cutest dog on the planet, all begging, "Oh, please???!!!" Since that day we have owned FIVE dogs, each one loved beyond measure, especially by me! And they loved us in return! You'll never regret it!

Rochelleht said...

I love that dog. She is just too cute. I had 'dog' fever all day when you got her. Suddenly my dog was old fat and lame.

I'm a great owner, huh? ;-)

Aviles Family said...

I'm waiting for that day when I decide that its not too much work to have a dog. A small dog would solve that problem, but with 3 boys, the poor thing would be harassed all day long! Glad you are enjoying her, I love dogs! and cats too!