Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Recap

Decorating Cookies:
A.J. swears she wasn't snitching the icing. I guess those black teeth are from all the tobacco she's been chewing.

Fun at the school carnival:

We attacked her with silly string. We thought it was much funnier than she did.

Dressed up as "Pinkalicious" for school Storybook Character Day:

Trick-or-Treating with best friend Kenzi:

Craig and I went to our friends' annual Halloween Party. It gets a little crazy trying to come up with funny adult costumes each year. This year, we went as the Geico Caveman and Flo from Progressive.

My costume was pretty easy, but for Craig we ordered a facial prosthetic online. It was quite the experience, both the application and the removal. But it was a hit - we even won the costume contest!

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