Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Recap

Ya ya - it's almost Feb. This is for me, not for you.

Neighbor Treats:
Caramel corn:

Mulling Spices

Opening Presents Christmas Morning:

We Drove To Utah

Farmington, NM.

(Adult video store with billboard in parking lot that says "Jesus is watching you!)

AJ's First Snowman

Snow makes it a little bright - this is as far as she would open her eyes:

Cousins, AJ & Eisley

He has a way with children:

Temple Square


AJ & Aunt Cici


Noice-canceling earphone, not an ode to Princess Leia


AJ & Grandpa Nielsen

AJ & Uncle Paul

The end.


aurora said...

I love the billboard at the Adult shop! That is so hilarious!

And the Princess Leia homage- you aren't fooling anyone, you know. C;

Tatiana said...

Hey! I was born in Farmington, NM!! That is hilarious. I'll have to check it out next time we go!