Sunday, November 16, 2008


Or maybe I should say 008, because that's what I give this flick. Craig and I saw Quantum of Solace on Friday night. It rocked. Loved it. Not as much as Casino Royal, which I gave a hearty 00-10, but it was still great. Daniel Craig is far and away my favorite Bond, in a long line of favorites.

I guess it's meant to be - one way or another I'm going to be with a Craig.

Love you honey. You too Craig.

Crikey- a girl could really get confused around here!


aurora said...

Glad it was good! Can't wait to see it. Yes, this Bond definitely has a little something... ;-)

Jonni Ann said...

I was going to post that beach picture, too! Man, is he dreamy. My husband said I was pretty much smiling throughout the whole movie.

Mindi said...

i could have watched 2 hours of daniel craig with no sound or plot. the man is yummy.

and congrats on having your own version! bravo.

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to go see it but I have heard it's not as good. But who doesn't like a little eye candy?!